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TOMAR Electronics Inc.

Celebrating 50 Years

TOMAR stands behind our products, just like we stand behind you. Founded in Chicago in 1969 and now headquartered in Gilbert, Arizona, TOMAR Electronics, Inc. is a pioneering, family-owned and operated business providing signaling, illumination, and right-of-way enhancing products in the industrial and emergency industries which serve government, public, and private communities. TOMAR is committed to protecting people, property, and budgets through solutions which clear the way for safer, more sustainable environments.

  • Lightbars
  • Warning Lights
  • Vehicle Controllers & Sirens
  • Traffic Solutions

TOMAR’s Fire and EMS solutions are used by first responders worldwide. With that in mind, TOMAR is committed to the protection of our first responders, and the communities they serve. That’s why TOMAR offers scientifically tested and quality-engineered solutions ranging from NFPA 1901 & 1906 and Triple-K Ambulance packages; to DOT & SAE/ECE-65 compliance rated lights.

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement demands a lot from you – Your lights should provide the safety and reliability you need to get the job done. For decades, TOMAR has provided Law Enforcement Agencies around the world with highly reliable, rugged, and powerful solutions to help you achieve your number one goal: Come home after every shift.

Work Truck

TOMAR recognizes your hard work and dedication to the job you take pride in. Since 1969, TOMAR’s mission has been to protect you while you’re hard at work. That’s why TOMAR offers rugged, powerful solutions to keep you safe on the job site, no matter what your budget is.

How Are TOMAR Lights Different?

Every light TOMAR manufacturers is sealed from air, moisture, and dust through a TOMAR-Patented Vibration-Weld. This means no lights TOMAR manufactures need rubber or silicon gaskets to seal them. This is a significant increase to reliability and decrease in costs both initially and over the life of the apparatus.

Next, TOMAR’s Optics are more efficient. We employ custom designs which make more effective use of the LED’s Lumens. It also means putting the light where it’s meant to go.

Finally, TOMAR delivers lights that not only meet NFPA requirements, but work as hard as you do. When flashing warning lights are no longer needed, such as remote, wild-land environments, TOMAR warning lights can double as bright, effective, additional work or scene lights.

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Lighting Solutions

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Scorpion and Black Widow

The Scorpion and Black Widow Lightbar is TOMAR’s Flagship solution representing everything we offer in one package. Superior light spread using their clear vision optics, a rugged all-aluminum exterior housing equipped with hermetically sealed interchangeable lamp modules.

Whether you’re facing a storm, fire, or a blizzard, these light-bars are built-to-last and guaranteed to clear the way. It’s no surprise many 970’s outlasts the vehicles they are mounted on.

L Sticks and Traffic Directors

975L Arrow Bars – Designed for Service or Airport Vehicles, this large, modular multi-directional arrow provides long-range visibility and a waterproof design, utilizing our 970 Series sealed lamps. 975 Half Bar – When maximum visibility is needed on the rear of a vehicle, the 975 Half Bar provides the performance of a full 360-degree overhead Scorpion or Black Widow Lightbar, in a bar which can be mounted on a vertical surface or posts.

LStick Traffic Director – A extremely bright, long-range traffic director and warning bar in a sleek package. When rearward real-estate is at a premium, this attractive bar in either a silver or black anodized finish will exceed your expectations. Like both versions of the 975, this bar utilizes a modular design, but with your choice of RECT-13 or RECT-14 lamps.

Sirens & Speakers

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900 Series Sirens & Controllers
Digital Controllers & Amplifiers

Tomar’s 948-DCP and 940-DCP digital control panels feature programmable function switches, progressive mode switches allowing Jump To Mode™ activation as well as a traffic direction switch for use with TOMAR LED or NEOBE® lightbars equipped with the traffic direction option or arrowsticks.

943-SB SwitchBox

The 943-SB SwitchBox is a compact, programmable, full function lighting controller featuring two warning mode switches, two programmable auxiliary switches, a step through arrow switch, a dedicated dim switch that can be used as a third auxiliary switch and a progressive system off switch.


The SPK100 Slimline speaker is 100 watts and designed for use in emergency vehicles, security alarm, public safety, and 2-way radio systems. The two-piece aluminum bell houses the driver and provides complete weather and corrosion protection for all internal components.